single stake pool operator

We’re a single stake pool operator dedicated to supporting the decentralization of the Cardano blockchain.

Why Stake with us

We’re a single pool operator and we believe in Cardano’s mission to serve underdeveloped nations by banking the unbanked. Having lived in rural West Africa we know first hand how the Cardano blockchain can promote financial inclusion and the development of a digital African market.

grow your investment

Stake with us and grow your investment. We believe in Cardano and the value it will deliver to you and the community. Stake with us with zero risk and protect your investment in Cardano.

secure and reliable

We have decades of experience running secure and reliable hosted solutions. All of our servers are managed by world class cloud computing platforms with the highest level of security and reliability.

low fees

Our pool has low fees to ensure you get maximum rewards. Our 3% variable fee ensures that we can maintain a solid infrastructure to support pool operations. We also have the lowest possible epoch fee of 340₳.


Supporting Girls’ Education in Africa

10% of profits will be donated to support girls’ education in Africa


When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer living in West Africa, one of the most impactful experiences I had was running a scholarship program for young girls. In sub-Saharan Africa, 52.2 million girls of primary and secondary school age are out of school, with poverty being the greatest barrier. The scholarship program I ran helped hundreds of young girls access a quality education that they otherwise could not afford.


As a single stake pool operator, I’m committed to continuing this investment in the education of young girls in Africa by donating 10% of my operator proceeds to CAMFED – a pan-African movement revolutionizing how girls’ education is delivered.


Learn more about CAMFED:






How to stake your ada

Delegating your ADA to a stake pool is easy and secure. The first step is to move your ADA off of an exchange and into a wallet that you control. From there, staking ADA is easy. When you delegate your ADA to our stake pool it is never transferred out of your wallet and you always retain full control. 

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